RM-CARES contributing to sustainable development in the areas of natural and agricultural resources conservation and management; protection and preservation of the integrity of the environment; social and gender equity in the utilization of natural resources and assurance of food safety and security.


RM-CARES shall develop and improve land, water, waste and environment-related technologies and information that will facilitate poverty reduction and enhance food security now and in the future.


Lead in the pursuit of environmentally sustaining and best practice technologies in the waste and resource management and organic farming in CLSU and in the region.


  • Development and promotion of best practices for organic fertilizer production from agricultural/municipal wastes without sacrificing quality of crop production.
  • Establishment of nurseries as sources of botanical pesticides and developing database on rapid propagation, production methods and production efficiency.
  • Continuous evaluation of protocols for efficient extraction and high efficacy of bio-pesticides.
  • Sustained improvement and development of organic farming technologies and approaches in selected commodities.
  • Remediation of degraded lands for higher productivity and food safety.
  • Database management, capability building and technology impact assessment.