Land Rehabilitation Research Division (LRRD)

Focuses on identifying the cause, effect, magnitude and type of land degradation and evaluate remediation methods to alleviate the condition.


Organic Farming Research and Development Division (OFRDD)

Tasked with the conduct of researches on organic farming system and its application in the practice of organic agriculture.


Waste Management and Utilization Division (WMUD)

Conducts researches on improving and developing new, practical, efficient but scientifically accepted methods of converting biodegradable municipal wastes and wastes from agriculture and bio-fuel extraction; monitors and evaluates the contribution of converted solid wastes to carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling and production efficiency of different crops.


Information, Education and Communication Division (IECD)

Responsible for promoting technologies or information generated on environmental management and protection, organic-based and organic agriculture, rehabilitation of degraded and polluted lands through appropriate approaches for enhanced knowledge and technology utilization among specific groups.