The center is manned by four PhDs, two of whom are affiliates in the center, two MS and two BS degree holders. There are five support staff tasked to help implement the programs of the center.

Dr. Fe L. Porciuncula Director
Dr. Marilyn G. Patricio Division Chief, WMUD
Dr. Jonathan L. Galindez Division Chief, OFRDD
Dr. Purisima P. Juico Affiliate Researcher
Ms. Ellen S. Romero Division Chief, LRRD
Mr. Rodolfo D. Martin Research Assistant
Ms. Lani Lou Mar Lopez Research Assistant
Mr. Melchor Pascua Research Assistant
Ms. Jocelyn B. Agustin Administrative Aide
Mr. Danilo G. Nueda Farm Aide
Mr. Laudencio M. Claus Farm Aide
Mr. Simeon S. Valdez Farm Aide
Mr. Noel E. Doliente Farm Aide